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Sos Ouch owner and founder of Xstreamgear has been building fishing bags and vests for over 27 years. His experience building highest quality durable fishing gear makes him ideal to build gear bags and vests for firefighter and EMT. Sos is an avid fisherman which gave him the knowledge of what fishermen wanted in equipment. He listened to other fishermen about what they wanted. Sos then designed and built the bags and vests they have wanted for years. His equipment is built to standup to the rough punishment that a fisherman or an EMT might subject them too.

Sos is a hands on person who will ensure the customer gets what they want in a timely fashion. Sos employee's a skilled staff who are dedicated to building the highest quality product. Many of his employee's are his relatives.

Sos is a native of Cambodia and has lived in the US for 30 years. He became a US citizen in 1984. He has supported efforts to bring used firefighting equipment to his native land. He makes trips annually to his home country to continue his work there. A good portion of the profits from the fishing equipment sales goes to support Outreach Emergency Services Program (OESP)

Custom Design for Rescue Vests, Gear, and Medical Bags

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